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NOAA/CSCOR - Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems Overview

NOAA/CSCOR - Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems Research Strategy

NOAA/NOS - New Strategy Sets Agenda for Mesophotic Reefs

NOAA/CRCP - Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems


Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems: Characterization, Ecology, and Management - L. M. Hinderstein, J. C. A. Marr, F. A. Martinez, M. J. Dowgiallo, K. A. Puglise, R. L. Pyle, D. G. Zawada and R. Appeldoorn

Community ecology of mesophotic coral reef ecosystems - S. E. Kahng, J. R. Garcia-Sais, H. L. Spalding, E. Brokovich, D. Wagner, E. Weil, L. Hinderstein and R. J. Toonen

Reef habitats and associated sessile-benthic and fish assemblages across a euphotic–mesophotic depth gradient in Isla Desecheo, Puerto Rico - J. R. Garcia-Sais

Geomorphology of mesophotic coral ecosystems: Current perspectives on morphology, distribution, and mapping strategies - S. D. Locker, R. A. Armstrong, T. A. Battista, J. J. Rooney, C. Sherman and D. G. Zawada

Geomorphology and benthic cover of mesophotic coral ecosystems of the upper insular slope of southwest Puerto Rico - C. Sherman, M. Nemeth, H. Ruíz, I. Bejarano, R. Appeldoorn, F. Pagán, M. Schärer and E. Weil

Strange bedfellows—a deep-water hermatypic coral reef superimposed on a drowned barrier island; southern Pulley Ridge, SW Florida platform margin - B.D. Jarretta, A.C. Hinea, R.B. Halley, D.F. Naar, S.D. Locker, A.C. Neumann, C. Hu , B.T. Donahue, W.C. Jaap, D. Palandro, K. Ciembronowicz


Underwater Work

Diseases Studies

Different equipment used for our Mesophotic Ecosystems research, a Seabotix ROV (top) used for habitat characterization; and a Nortek ADCP to record water motion (bottom).